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Day 3 :)

Hi to all :)

Well here I am getting into day 3. To be completely honest I felt euphoric driving to work this morning (not something that happens often!) Starting to feel much better already. No horrible early morning cough, no manky tongue and taste in my mouth, no more smelling like crap! Really noticed that last night when I went to the gym. Made a point of washing everything I own, was lovely to smell nice and know I smelt nice than worrying I stank of stale fags, especially in the gym! Not good. That might sound a bit superficial, but hey, grab all the positives from quitting I reckon :)

Anyway, rambling on there! Here's to day 3 and to whatever day you guys might be on. Keep fighting the good fight :)



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Not rambling on at all, Jim. Just glad to hear it is going so well. :)

May your Day Three be a smooth and pleasant one.


Congratulation on Day 3, fabulous that your already feeling the benefits of stopping, and that you are now smelling super fresh!


Well they say the first three days are the worst, so you've got through them and it sounds like your quit is going really well so far. Good luck for today x


What a fantastically positive post!

Be proud, the worst is now behind you! Onwards and upwards on your journey to freedom!!!! :D:D:D


damn !! you're doing good man ! real good !

like what has become the catch phrase of this forum....i say to you sir "onwards and upwards" !!

great job !!


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