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Can't believe I'm having such a sh.. Day nine weeks in. I've been crying on and of all day for no reason. Up until now it has not bothered me at all. Got told yesterday that my son is being posted to Germany (army) and that has really opened the floodgates. If I was still smoking today would have been a chain smoking day lol. I just really miss the kids living at home yet when they were younger I couldn't wait for them to grow up. No I know that having a cancer stick won't help so why do I feel as if a cigarette could make me happy right now? How messed up is the human brain ?

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Ah thank you ladies just being able to air things helps so much. ****** cigarettes I wish they would make them illegal but of course that will never happen as they earn so much tax from them . thank you again xx

Hi Ulrika, I do hope to day is a better day for you crying is a good therapy, it helps us cope in life I bet you that after a good cry you do feel slightly better.

It's just such a roller coaster quitting, with life's ups and downs.

Hang tight my lovely you are doing amazing:)

Morning Ulrika,

Can't add to anything that has already been said (especially having no kids of my own) but just wanted to send you a few virtual hugs. :) Bet you're proud of your son (and, indeed, your other children too) and that they're a testament to your skills as a mum.

Hope you have a much better day today....

Hi Ulrika

Keep your chin up, and hope you have a better day!

Sorry you are having a bad day but just think of all the money you can save for flights to go and see your son.

Hope tomorrow is a better day x

Thank you all sorry this reply took a few days. Its been a manic weekend but proud to report that no nicotine has entered my system lol feeling a lot more positive today. You are all doing great. Thank you for the support its so lovely to talk to people who are in the same boat.

Oh well done Ulrika! :D

So glad to hear you seem to have turned the corner. You sound so much happier.

I will keep everything crossed that this week is much kinder to you. You certainly deserve it to be. :)

Well done Ulrika!!!!! :D:D:D

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