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Here I go again!

Well, I was a few years 'clean' (3+), but a re-lived youthful travel for 5 weeks in Asia last November and I came back stinking and smoking like a chimney... crikey, fags are cheap out there!...

Anyway, time to get back on the wagon... its been 25mins so far, now I just have to remember how I did it last time, oh yer I know, it was simple, just don't have a cigarette! hmmm, will it be easier or harder this time?

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Blimey, John, three years! Goes to show how true NOPE (not one puff ever) is doesn't it?

And yes, you're quite right- the only way of doing it is to just not smoke (and keep not doing it as it were...)

Welcome to the forum by the way! It's very good to meet you. We shall all be here to help make sure that if you do decide to relive your youth again you won't be quite as literal as you were about it this time...:D

(bet you had a fab time though didn't you? :))


Congratulations on your decision! It shouldn't be hard to quit again after being smoke-free for 3 years...!

I feel your pain, though. I spent 1 month in south-east Asia in 2010 and had the best time of my life. I actually plan on moving there at some point and I am very afraid it "won't be the same" if I go there and don't smoke.

Can you reflect on that? Why do you think you started smoking there again? Is it because of much partying etc?


Hi and welcome to the forum, great news that you've decided to get back on the wagon.


Hi John good to have you here, hope this quit is successful for you as your last one, good luck :) x


Moving on..

Hi all, thank you for your support.

kacmins, its a part of the world where everybody smokes (like England in the 70's) what done it for me was a weak moment in a Macau casino where free cigarettes and drinks where brought to you at a gambling table (very James Bond!) and I think it was just the environment.

Well, Day 3, so time to be moving on, its a different experience this time, im not really getting strong cravings, just the odd pang which soon goes, but am very light headed, dam that oxygen is strong stuff!!

.. right see ya in the Day 3 forum.


Hi John

Well done for deciding to quit again, 3 years is amazing and it just goes to show that we have to always be careful. Good luck on your quit:)


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