No Smoking Day
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Day 29 - Short story (shorter than usual lol)

I was convinced I was attacked that day, I could hardly draw my breath. My one hand continued to control the steering wheel as my other hand reached to the top of my chest as momentarily I felt no rise or fall of my ribcage. The car was moving but I was motionless. No other person in sight but the reflection of myself in the front view mirror. How dare he put his hands around my throat and squeeze my life from me. A sharp intake of my breath... "one two three, you are now back in the room" she said. Breathe Paula I thought.

The hypnotist seemed very perplexed.

"Try that and see how that goes" she said with her hand outstretched requiring her usual fee of 50 quid.

Taking me to the point where my life might've ended through smoking was enough to make me choke during my session.

"You did well Paula, especially when you took the heart attack in the car and died. Smoking killed you in the end my dear so that should be enough to make you stop now, I hope you weren't too distraught by the hypnotic trance I put you in, you had me worried there for a bit when you squeezed your own throat!"

* * * * *

Cheers folks for yesterdays feedback (re day 28) I'm so thrilled I'm not on my own dealing with this and I look forward to seeing all your replies. Today I was certainly in much better form and the cravings gone. I mean what was all that about? Jeepers that's scary stuff. Phewwwwww. Certainly the addiction - even though I've quit cold turkey after the first day of chewing that gum (yuck) maybe its because of that that I hit rock bottom - couldve be my final slap in the bake from old nick. Well here's one right back at ye, ye b*****d, (slaps his face with a right open handed full smack on the face and then with my left fist an upper hook under the chin) take that too ye evil git!!!!! Forgive me folks for swearing.

No more knocking days off the rest of my life on earth!! Long may each of us respect who we are and that we love ourselves. I humbly apologise to my lungs and hope they can forgive me and sincerely hope they give me the chance to show them the respect they deserve.

Breathe free and stay safe


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