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Day 4- WTF??

Wow today and yesterday were difficult! Had a few drinks with my friends last night and again today. Would have been so easy to give in to the overwhelming urge to smoke but I have been fighting it. I can't believe how hard it was! Only had 2 beers all together but even after the first, I would have given into a cigarette if someone had offered. I think its a real success because I havent drank without a smoke in years! I am happy to say that I have made it to day 4 (going on day 5)!!! Wohooo

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Good on ye girl. You should be very proud of yourself. My first 5 days were crap too and I just hit a bad craving recently but thankfully survived that also.

I must say the cravings are nearly at a standstill. Keep posting on the forum when you can, the team are always here to help and they have been a tower of strength for myself when times have gotten blue.:(

Believe me when I say youll soon be singing a rainbow . . .red and yellow and pink and green purple and orange and blue, I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow toooooooo. Sorry, just had to burst into song, life is really wonderful without cigarettes, just embrace it sister :mad::):p:D: red and yellow and pink and green .... lol


Whatever that woman is on, I want some :D

Well done Jacqui! I'm with TG in that I know I couldn't have got through that unscathed on my Day Four so all power to you :)

Over half way though your first week- that's mighty!


Oh guys you are sweet! And definitely appreciate the rainbow song! Haha

But I honestly think the main reason as to why I was able to get through it was because I was with groups of people that don't smoke and that also knew that I had quit! I couldn't embarrass myself by lighting up a cigarette! That is the only reason why I let myself have a few drinks too. But more than a few would have been lethal. Would have just run away from them... because the cravings were overwhelming at times.

But I guess it's just another way of making me more resilient. The harder it is now, the easier it will be in the future! :-) But I think it's best to avoid the drink once I'm back at university. Because I know too many people that do smoke!


Well done on not caving, unfortunately beer and fags at the pub as just if not worse trigger as fag and coffee in the morning.

You've done it once then you can do it again :)


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