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No Smoking Day
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Day 3- Keep it coming!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I am honoured and proud to announce that I have officially made it to day 3!!! Feeling the benefits and embracing it!

Getting more and more motivated! I think I can really do it this time. I haven't been this focused in a long time.

I have to owe my positive attitude to Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson. It is an amazing app. Really makes you think like a non smoker and practically eliminates the urge to smoke. I'm currently listening to it every morning and every evening and wow! I feel so relaxed! I can't get over it. I feel as though I've gotten through the hardest part. (Which is making your mind up to quit and actually just doing it!) Once you make the decision, you feel way more free than when you did as a smoker. Yes, it is hard to deal with the urges at times. But I think it is worse to deal with the daily guilt and disappointment every time you have a cigarette on a daily basis.

However, I don't want to jinx things! I am still taking things day by day. But all I can do is just try to stay focused. And I think it is working... :)

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Well done Jacqui- you sound so positive and focused! :)

May your weekend be both relaxing and crave-free.


What a lovely positive post to read!

Doing great Jacqui! While it is early days, you have clearly made the decision to stop smoking - and this is your choice to make. The nicotine withdrawal is over for you, so your journey to freedom is underway - the cravings and urges are just us not being used to this new found freedom and having to re-adjust accordingly. Enjoy every day from now on as a non-smoker! :D

I only stopped 4 weeks ago, but I already know that I will never smoke again - this is my choice to make, I have made it and I am at total peace with this decision. After all, there isn't one good reason to smoke. Its an addiction, pure & simple.

Have a great healthy weekend!



Will be day 4 now, and loving your positivity, :)

Just jeep going , doing great:)


I do agree with you that being a non smoker is easier mentally. The guilt of smoking and fear of not smoking is an awful tug of war that went on inside my head for awhile before I quit. Once I got over the initial fear the craves were far easier to deal with and as you said I felt sooooo free.

Well done on day 3 sounds to me like you've got this cracked but don't stray from the path and keep glued to the forum. Nicotine is a tricky thing and when you conquer one myth it looks for the next one to play on.

Just got to keep knocking them down one by one.:D


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