No Smoking Day
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Woke up this morning convinced that i'd smoked last night. I've read other posts where people have dreamt that they'd lost a quit but as I never usually remember my dreams I thought I was pretty safe from this one but apparently not.

I was sat outside smoking and telling one of my mates to keep an eye out for my OH as he didn't know I was back smoking. She said something about being disappointed after doing so well and a huge wave of despair just hit me. I knew for a fact that I would never have the strength to do it again and the anger and sadness were horrendous.

I woke up with the 'bunged up feeling' from smokin that I'd totally forgotten about and it took a minute to realise that I'd been dreaming.

I'm thinking it's my subconcious helping me out. Allowing me to experience that 'curiosity one' and the reality without having to do it.

Scary, scary start to the day though.

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I know what you mean, I only had one of those smoking dreams, but realised it's apparently quite normal, Mr NICO trying to get your attention. It's just so horrid when it happens, I do so hope no more of these nasty dreams for you.

Is just so lovely, when we quit isn't it? No smelling nasty, or trying to stand away from people who don't smoke or dying for a smoke when in a restraunt and rushing out side for a smoke, the freedom is great.

Just keep going, do so very well:)


jeez !! thats a rough start to the day !!

hope the rest of it was good for ya !

i haven't had any such dreams myself, but then thats because ive rarely got any sleep in over a week...i don't know which is the better problem to have :(


Hi Sue

I have had a couple of those dreams, though not in the last few weeks. I think your right and it's your subconscious reminding you NOT to try it by showing you how you would feel if you did. :)


My OH still has the smoking dream occasionally and he quit 11 years ago....

I quite like it actually, as the sense of relief when you realise it was a dream is overwhelming :)


I had one of the smoking dreams last week.......what a horrible feeling, I even had the crappy taste in my mouth, and felt so very ashamed too :mad:

But as skiddaw said, what a relief when you realise it was only a nightmare :D


cheers folks,

@pseudo yeah the rest of my day was great.

@Max I like the way you think: the day is sorted so nicodemon is now attacking by night as the battle is nearly over. Stealthy little sucker:D

@ Skiddaw no way was the relief worth this dream, I was still debating whether I should go back to day one two hours later as I was half conviced I'd smoked.

@Doodles I can so relate to the hair smelling, my sinuses were full of gunge like when you used to wake up after a 10 pint 30 fags night. How can a dream cause physical stuff like that.

See Nightmare on Elm Street was true I bet it was written by somebody who'd quit smoking.:D:D:D:D:D


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