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Day 2 bring it on!

Hello people! I'm on day 2. Luckily I'm around my parents atm so not tempted to smoke in the same way but that doesn't mean I won't when I go back to uni next week. Sort of feels like I'm in rehab! Haha. Any advice?

I have been keeping up with my Quit Smoking With Andrew Johnson hypnosis app which is absolutely amazing. It might not eliminate the addiction but it certainly is very relaxing and gets rid of the cravings. It has a meditating effect. So I hope that by the time I'm back at uni, I will feel like a different person!

Went for a run yesterday aswell which is another amazing cure for cravings! I really want to keep the exercise up because it also speeds up the physical recovery process up! (My lungs feel way better)

Also downloaded Cessation Nation which counts the benefits since quitting.

I'm happy to hear that just after 2 days, by heart rate and blood pressure have returned to normal, carbon monoxide has been eliminated from my blood stream, my senses have improved and my nicotine levels have dropped by 68%.

I am still very scared of being back at university or mainly drinking! How will I stop myself after having a drink? Would love to hear some advice on drinking and smoking as I am planning to go out in 2 days.

Thanks! Xx

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What a brilliant positive post :)

So glad the app is working i use afew meditation ones and now meditate every day and found it has helped me in lots of different ways

my only advise is to just focus on one day at a time breaking it down as much as you need and when you get a crave distract your mind till it passes

oh and the best way is to come on here whenever you need and read the posts

onwards and upwards is the only way to go



Well done that Jacqui! :)

I'm with Max on the drinking front. I quit in early December and knowing all the Xmas/New Year events were coming up I had to put a marker down so everyone knew I was on the wagon (or more or less- I did have a glass or two on NYE and Xmas Day). It wasn't so much the socialising for me- I could cope with that especially as there are so few places now where you can smoke anyway- it would have been the alcohol that would have floored me. When on diet coke or mineral water you can stay in control however boring it sounds. ;)

Just tell yourself it is only for a short while. Once your quit is established you can drink again and what's more, you'll enjoy it all the more (no having to go out the back in the cold or rain at regular intervals and remarkably, far less hangovers. Don't know how that works but it does. :))



I'm on day 2 as well except I am nearly 30 years older than you. Think about that- I stopped when I was at uni 28 years ago and I often wonder what things would have been like if I had stuck it out. PLEASE dont give up. You have your whole life ahead of you


Thanks Guys

Thank you so much for your replies.

I am really going to take that advice seriously. I don't need alcohol to have fun anyway. And I know that the first sip of alcohol will give me an excuse to smoke. Need to avoid that.

And thank you for motivating me to quit while I'm still young. I just had a call from my doctor today telling me that the results of my first smear test indicatte that I have precancerous cells. That is not good to hear and I am 100% convinced that smoking woulf have encouraged this development. Im only 21. Wtf? Oh well I guess all I can do is see it as further motivation to quit.


Hi Jacqui

Yeah, bring it on - that's the spirit!

Aren't some of these apps great, it really helps to visualize the benefits.

Your quit is in full progress and look at how much your body has recovered already - and the great thing is you will feel better and better every day

As others have said, maybe an idea to avoid the drinks for a couple of days? I too found it difficult. If you do go out, do as Max says - hang around non smokers and you will see how much fun they have on an evening without slowly killing themselves with fags, and you will also really notice the stink of smokers when they come back in.

Drinks actually taste much better without fags, and the hangovers are definitely less :)

Be very proud of yourself. The worst is already behind you, and it will get easier every day - I promise.

We have all been where you are now. I was a hopeless addict less than 4 weeks ago, stopping for 1 hour was impossible. For example, I would smoke 2 fags within 10 minutes of waking up, then 3 in the car on the way to work, then 1 or 2 before going in to work....all this before 8 a.m. - and I kept this up for more than 25 years

Now I feel good, breath easily, am getting fitter, smell much better and love my new life. Sure, I think about smoking...but I choose not to smoke anymore. I miss out on absolutely nothing.

Have a great day, keep healthy!



Well done on making it to Day 2, it's great to hear you sounding so positive!

If alcohol will give you an excuse to smoke, then best to avoid it for a little while. I know I refused to go to our local pub for a fortnight when I gave up - I just couldn't face it!


Hi Jacqui

Well done on getting to day two, you should be pleased with yourself. Sorry to hear your not so good health news, I had the same at age 23, was easily treatable in my case, fingers crossed yours will be too:)


Thanks! Yeah as I said, I guess it just represents a fraction of the reality when it comes to smoking. Might seem satisfying in the short run. But at the end of the day, it causes way more harm than good. For me, it just provides further motivation to kick the habbit and strengthens my hatred for nicotine!


Jacqui, same thing happened to me when I was about the same age as you but it was all sorted out very easily and I've never had a positive smear since. Didn't stop me smoking then, which it blinking well should have done, but at least I got there in the end :o

I'm sure you'll be OK and thank goodness they can catch these things before the rogue cells even turn cancerous.

Good luck with it


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