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Day 13

here's another day, sleep situation is the same....but im not feeling that bad, maybe jst getting used to being a zombie ? :p

I thank everyone for suggestions about the meds even the herbal ones to help me sleep, i just have issues with meds, many..too many so i avoid them as much as I can.

today, have too much on my plate, lots of running around and things that need to be done....i expect the day to be uneventful as far as my quit is concerned heheh

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May the day be a Lucky 13 for you Pseud and I will keep everything crossed that you soon break the back of the quitting insomnia.

You're such a star you know. :)


Hello Pseudo, in the beginning days, every day is an achievement; I believe it gets easier as the days passes, and thus far it has turned out to be true.

I'm rooting for you to go into Week 3 :)

One day, hour, minute at a time, that's all we need to focus on. And the rest should in principle, takes care of themselves.


You sound to be doing brilliantly but so sorry to hear that your not sleeping well, lets hope this will right itself soon.


Wow your entering anew room tomorrow :D how amazing is that

have you tried meditation at all? there are alot of videos on you tube that could you help you get in the zone and most of the time it does help you to go to sleep as well

basically you get comfortable and just focus on your breath slowling breathing in through the nose and then out even slower if you go down your body tensing your muscles for afew seconds and then releasing them as your doing the slow breathing and once you have finished that go back to just thinking about your breath

i really do hope you start to sleep again very soon :)


Well how time passes your doing so very well,.

Loving the positivity, it shows in your posts.

New room tomorrow no lingering smells, now that's a lovely thing.

Brilliant just keep going.


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