Socialising with smokers today

Morning all

Another new one for me today.

A smoking colleague asked me if I wanted to pop outside for a chat & a "breath of fresh air" (for me anyway, not for him)

Sun is shining, weather is great - so we went out to the smoking area (part of the car park). He smoked 2 fags, and we had a chat about numerous things and then came back in to the office.

I had absolutely no interest in smoking, and he appreciated the chat and that I didn't get all evangelical on him about quitting.

Several other smokers couldn't believe I stood there and didn't get tempted.

While I didn't tell them this, for me its easy. I didn't get tempted because there is not one single thing that I am missing out on. Them smoking is pure and simply feeding the addiction to prevent the onset of withdrawl from the last fag they had - its as easy as that.

Hope you all have a great day, keep healthy!

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  • sounds great andy !

    im going to be stuck in a car full of smokers, having a drink or two with this bunch and driving back with them....

    hehe ill let you know how it went..

    power to you man !!

  • nice one!

    Keep posting those positive messages, it's good for those of us with quit dates behind you! Makes it feel like it really does get easier! well done!

  • Andy I know that feeling, I also stood chatting in the smoking area with a colleague recently and didn't want one, great isn't it :D

  • Our work smoking area is now reduced to one lone smoker (I was the last of us bar him to quit). I feel so sorry for him sometimes...

    Nice post Andy :)

  • I know what you mean Andy, my job is in a hostel for homeless families and a lot of the residents smoke, generally in a group just outside the door of the building, in fact when I smoked I could get a lot of work done outside having a couple of fags with them all, lol. It's me that's changed not them, so quite quickly I began sitting outside with them on occasion as before. They hadn't even realised I wasn't smoking with them until I told them today, lol. To be fair I couldn't hide from smokers at work forever so had to get on with it. It doesn't make me want a cig though, just increases my resolve not to, the stench, the smog, the dependence! But I do now feel like an 'outsider' looking in.....but what I have come to realise is its' not a bad position to be in :)

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