Day 12

So it's day 12!

Pluses from Day 11.

Drove into Cornwall and didn't miss smoking once. Driving was always a major trigger.

Met my ex and his new partner for a drink. Both of them smokers both stunk to high heaven. Did I used to smell that bad. Yup I did. Massive achievement to talk to him without getting wound up and Hareing off for a smoke.

Walked up a small steep hill without stopping and thinking how easy it was to walk up it.

All in all a good day!!!

3 Replies

  • Well done to you Phil!

    Isn't it just the best feeling in the world to be free from this nasty addiction?

    Have a great day


  • Well done Phil, sounds like you got through a possible stressful situation wonderfully. :)

  • Nice one Phil :D

    Bet you felt smug when with your ex and his new partner didn't you?

    Onwards and upwards. You're doing fantastically well. :)

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