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1 year and 6 months

And still going strong, never thought i could do this but here i am, still get the odd thought of "id love a drag" but 20 seconds later its gone till a few weeks later, since giving up ive taken up cycling (road bikes)and go out with a group, we have done a charity ride from Belfast to Donegal (115 miles)for cystic fibrosis and raised £3000 , also have lapped the lough (Lough Neagh, near 90 miles for me) , im out every weekend cycling 40/50 mile and 30 mile every other day, could never have done this if still a smoker, im not saving money as everything goes on bikes but sure your health is your wealth :) not bad for a 48 yr old (36 yrs smoking) who can out climb younger cyclists up hills and who have never smoked before lol , smoking has taken its toll but i'd never been able to do this 1 yr and 6 months ago, i still puff and pant but i get there and feel good after doing it, my wife actually smokes in back garden now, how long that lasts depends on the weather i guess :P but the house does smell a lot better and so do i, giving up is the best thing ive ever done altho the best thing i could ever have done was not to start ! Anyway im a healthier, happier , more relaxed ex-smoker, hope you all do well in your quits .... Ádh mór ort!

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Wow making my body ache just thinking of all that cycling :eek:

but soo glad you are still smoke free and doing so well

you are another inspiration for those following in your footsteps but next time if your doing a ride for charity come and post a link on here as im sure many would love to support you to raise money for such worthy causes

keep up the great work hun :)


Squinter, all I can say is that I think you should change your name to Sprinter :D

Seriously, well done mate. :)


Great stuff, very very well done!


Aye thx folks and good to see your all doing as good as i am :) , you'll prolly see me in another 6 months lol good luck all and t/c :)


Almost missed your post squinter! So good to see you doing so well, my kinda quit buddy haha!

Sounds like you have had a massive change in lifestyle and it's all for the better. Keep it up, looking forward to hear from you when you reach the 2 year mark :-)


Craig hey !, Good to see your doing well in the quit, keep it up lad and will see you at the start of year 3 smoke free :)


Wow amazing, live this post, something to aspire to.



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