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Hellooo from me

Hi all,

I've only just found this forum so i'm new here today. Will tell you a little about myself. I'm 38 and have been smoking since my teens :( I did stop about 7 years ago for a couple of years but then started again, stupid I know!

The main reason I quit was I was hating smoking and living with the constant worry of what it was doing to my health, I was doing my own head in about it every time I picked up a fag, I decided I was only driving myself crazy and there was only me that could do something about it, I either needed to accept the fact that I was going to be a lifelong smoker and deal with the consequences or put a boot up my own backside and stop!

I stopped on the 22.06.14, and so far so good, 6 weeks in, I used patches for 5 weeks, and have been going solo for a week now.. I've put half a stone on in weight and broken a tooth eating too many sweets, but its a small price to pay really.

Looking at some of the posts I so wish I had known about this place earlier, during those first couple of weeks when I was doubting myself hourly, it would have been so helpful.

Anyways, here I am now :)

Feel like i'm not doing too bad, cravings are more manageable as time goes on, I do feel better in myself and i'm slowly beginning to see myself as an ex smoker, never though I would get there! :)

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A big Hello from me, Stacka :D

Aren't you doing well? 6 weeks is fantastic! I did more or less the same as you- used patches for the first month and then went cold turkey. It's a lovely feeling isn't it, when you succeed in flying solo. :)

So glad you've found us. Everyone here is lovely and you'll find there's nothing someone hasn't experienced at some point. At 6 weeks in, you'll have heaps of aquired wisdom to share with those behind you on the road to freedom so join in, post, read, make merry, and welcome aboard...;)


Welcome Stacka

I joined 6 weeks or so into my quit as well.

I could always quit for a month or two when I was truly desperate (every two years or so) but staying quit has always been my challenge. I'm now on my longest quit ever by a long way so I can honestly say this place has worked for me.


Many thanks for your lovely, warm welcome :)

Don't know about acquired wisdom Skiddaw, think I have got this far on a wing and a prayer lol :eek: But yep, it does feel good going solo, but also a bit scary in a way coz my 'safety net' had gone, if you know what I mean.

Sued I've been reading some of the threads on here this aft and honestly think that this looks like a fab place for support, so glad I came across it :)


Welcome stacka, and congratz with your 6 weeks, doing fab!



Many thanks Andy :)

Looks like your doing fab too :D

Well done


Hi Stacka, a very warm welcome firm me doing so very well, 6 weeks is huge, so big congratulations, I look forward to reading about the progress, or the downs just keep going.

Doing a marvellous job well done :)


Hi Stacka, So glad you did find this forum, it has been such a great support for me. Very well done on 6 weeks smoke free too :)


Many thanks peeps!

Another day done, I'm getting through by eating my body weight in sweets daily lol, but I figure I can sort that out later if needed.

There are so many inspirational people and quits going on that every time I come on here, I feel I really have got a chance of succeeding at this! :D


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