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Day 10 (chillaxing)


Got through day 9 by having an early night in the end. The problem has been bloating. One of my best mates is a nurse and he got hold of what can only be described as industrial strength laxative.....

As a result instead of going out for the day I've been pitched on the sofa or in the bathroom. But it's worked- by heck it worked!!!

Been watching the Edwardian Farm series and now moving on to the Victorian Farm.

One final postscript. My ex text me and asked if I'd quit. Told him yeah. He asked why? I said only losers smoke why what are you doing? He said walking to the shop for 20. It was throwing it down when this was happening :D

Enjoy your weekend all!!

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Well done on the 10 days, yeah freedom from huddling/going out in the rain is a great reason to quit. One of the things that I don't miss is the panic.... only got 3 left, where's the nearest shop?

Life is much simpler as a non smoker.

Loving the text exchange with your ex! :D

Well done Phil- and glad the laxatives worked. Nothing worse than being 'bunged up' is there? :)

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