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gosh i havent posted in aaAAAaaAAges!

Just thought Id drop by. I have no idea where I am in my quit.

I did have a cheeky fag about 42 days ago. My stop smoking nurse said that as it was only one, it doesnt affect my quit because it didnt turn me back into a smoker. She said if I woke up a bought a new packet that would make it a failed attempt.

I see what she means but I dont agree with her. I think you should start again if you have a smoke.

So I started again on NRT patches step 2 to help. Im half way through step 3 now. Feeling Great

Im going to read some of the other posts now


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Princess, how lovely to 'see' you! I thought you had fallen off your white horse and vanished into your fairy-tale castle for good.:)

I think you were quite right to start again and I am sure that will be the last of your blips. 42 days is magic so well done you!!

Don't do a disappearing act again will you? Don't want you turning into a pumpkin or anything...;)


aw thanks guys

yeah its been more than a few months since my last visit! I have gone through a massive change in job. Its an hour further away from my last job so its a huge change for me. No smokers either in my team YAY no one saying "im going for a fag, you coming?" Makes such a difference!


yeah its worth it though. I was sooooo unhappy in my previous job. People were horrible and I gave up smoking before I worked there, then I started again 6 months into that job. I had to get out of there for the sake of my health.

How are you doing anyways Debbeh? :)


holidays would be a test for you. All the cheap fags! Dont do what i did though a few years back.I was on the verge of giving up and my and my OH managed to buy 400 fags between us and smoked the whole lot because they were there. When you have that many, you dont think about how much you smoke and then think ***** have I just really smoked all of them. And you feel super bad :-/



its always good to plan ahead. I would have done the same :D

I should probably work out my quit date so I can tell people how well im doing.

Im on the 3rd box of step 3 patches. Just one more box after this and im NRT freeeeeee

feeling positive :p


18th of June was my quit date :D


so thats exactly 7 weeks today ooouuu exciting!


thanks tractorgirl :D

I took the opportunity to celebrate last night and went to the coast. Im such a big kid, me and my OH played in the arcades and won some prizes :D


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