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day 4

ok im on my day 4 !

this is the second time ive really giving it a real shot.

went cold turkey early friday morning....stayed pretty much in my room locked in with some tv shows, reading and cricket :)

i choose no patches or gum, or any meds....

im not working or doing anything real really right now heheh so i guess it was a good time to start, no real stressful situations which are said to be common triggers for people...

i still crave, and crave bad...

going through the said usual symptoms...

let's see how this goes !!

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Great stuff Pseudo. Well done.

You're kicking these hardest of days, and hardest of craves into touch.

Your plan of attack sounds very similar to mine. I just holed up at home for a few days till the worst was over. As I recall I ate too many dolly mixtures, but other than that I survived totally will you. :)

Remember. Just take it one minute at a time. One crave at a time. You don't have to start resisting a life-time of smoking.......just always resist the one single puff that would take you back down that route.

I think you'll start to feel like you're coming up for air very soon. Fresh air....and lots of it into your newly healthy lungs. The worst is almost over. Hang in there. :D


hey dippy,

thanks for your words, especially the advice i dont need to resist a life-time of smoking, just one puff one cogarette at a time !

also, have to confess the plan of action was more of an accident, well pleasant one i guess now :-) apart from the....well...insane amount of chocolates and pizza i ate :P

luckily this week is also going to be really not really planning on stepping out, more reading, watching stuff is on my agenda !


Good luck on your quit Pseudo and well done on three complete days :)


Welcome to the forum from me too Pseudo (though I am sure there is nothing pseudo about your valient quit :)). It's hard at first- there's no getting away from that- but having fought your way through the dreaded first three days you're already through the worst of the physical withdrawal and from here onwards it's all psychological.

You're doing fantastically well (I have such admiration for anyone who can quit cold turkey as I know I couldn't have done it) and I hope you are suitably proud of what you have achieved so far.

You'll get loads of support from everyone here so read, post, join in, shout, scream, eat, just do whatever it takes to keep going. It will soon become easier I promise and I also promise you'll never regret quitting. :D


Welcome psuedo, and congratulations with taking the best decision ever in quitting!

The first days are hard, but I promise they get easier!

One day, one hour, one minute at a time - just dont take one single puff.

I finding regularly sipping cold water helps with the cravings a bit, maybe you could try it.

Good luck

Keep strong & keep healthy!



nicky, skiddaw, tractorgirl and andy

thank you for your kind words and encouragement !

skiddaw - on a lighter note i did catch myself hoping that it could be psuedo, u know..i could get by smoking a few a day...and quit smoking ! :p

andy - you bet it does ! i dont do tic tacs or mins or yeah man sipping water has been great over the past few days !


jenny, max thanks guys !

this forum sure is helping, reading abour others having similar trouble, symptoms and suffering :p

also ive been trying to jump a day or two and see what people have been goin through on day 5+...

let's see how this goes...

thanks again everyone !


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