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Day 13 - Unlucky for some, not for me

Day 13

Decided to go back to work a day early and try to clear out the 1200+ e-mails that I have. If I wait till Monday for this, then I will be even more grumpy doing it :mad:

Difficult day to be honest - a load of old triggers tempting me again, but I'm keeping strong. I've even convinced 2 of my team members to quit - under the motto of "if I can do it, then so can you". :D

The more people I can get to quit, the better - As an ex-smoker (and determined to keep it this way), I see it now as my duty/mission to encourage others to also quit - We are in a unique position as we have all been there, and understand exactly what every smoker is going through so therefore we can offer the very best advice/tips, while being sympathetic.

Keep strong and keep healthy


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It's great that you've inspired a few of your colleagues to quit too, Andy. It'll be a further incentive for you to hold on (though I think you'll be fine- you really are doing splendidly! :D) Yes, it's hard at times at present but it will get easier soon.

Don't blame you for returning to work a day early. I've been known to do it myself. As you say, much easier going through all your emails and getting up to speed on a Friday than a Monday, especially when most people think you're still on leave so won't bother you.

Have a good weekend and keep posting! :)


Hi Andy

Right behind you (1 day lol) all the way. I understand that keeping busy is essential. You are doing so well. How is Emmy getting on? Would love to hear how she is doing too.

Going for a bike ride with one the of girls from coffee group this evening.

Loving the exercise. Im not saying im fit yet but Im definitely feeling a lot let breathless even climbing the stairs at work.

Hope your having a good day

Take care for now


Breathe free and stay safe.


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