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Day 12 and feeling good

Each day that goes by makes me feel better and stronger.

Cravings are short and relatively easy to ignore.

Chest feels better after a run last night, tightness has almost gone.

Off for a bike ride with Emmy and the kids today, with a stop at the pancake house! Yum yum

So much wasted time, money and health for 25 years. The new me is making up for it. I AM NEVER SMOKING AGAIN!!!!

Keep strong & healthy all


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Great post to start my day, so very very pleased all is going well for you:cool::cool:

Any hic ups along the way please just post.

Fantastic :)


Andy, I have a really good feeling about your quit. You're not unlike me- I had smoked for 30 years and this quit was my first (I'd had a few token attempts at cutting down or the odd day or two when I had been unable to smoke for some reason or other but I had never seriously tried to stop before) and as with me, I definitely have the impression that the light-bulb moment has occured. Whatever you encounter from here onwards and however difficult it is, you just know you're never going to smoke again and therefore you won't. :)

I'm glad the tightness in your chest has eased off. You should be through the worst of the physical stuff soon and it is all part of your body healing itself. Isn't it wonderful when you realise you can really breathe for the first time in years?

Really pleased for you mate. Onwards and upwards!!


Great stuff Andy, enjoy your bike ride with your family :)


Hey there Andy

I know how you feel, and I guess youre smiling just like I am.

What a victory! It baffles me too that I wasted so much time and energy

s***ing. Lets not even utter the word, to hear it now is even disgusting.

This morning I went outside and seen the next door neighbour coming out of his house with a cigarette in his mouth. To be truthful, all I feel now is pity. And to think that I used to do just that. Im mortified.

There is so much more to life now and Im buzzing. Been my bestest feeling ever and its just the right time too. My holidays are just around the corner and I cant wait to breathe the fresh air and chill out.

Perhaps a trying time, but as you've said, as each day goes by, we think of them less and less.

I can honestly say, the offending thought only crossed my mind once yesterday and I immediately abhorred the idea.

Anyway, have a nice day with Emmy and the kids. Would be nice to hear from

her aswell sometime to hear how she is getting on. Well done to the both of you.

Take care



Breathe free and stay safe



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