No Smoking Day
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Day10ator - say it as u see it - "Detonator"

Well folks, if you can get to this far, we can all wing it in this war of ours.

I cant imagine what it feels like now to be a smoker. Im so happy. I guess

I feel like a ruler and no-one is gonna stand in my way. Press that

button and blow up any bad thoughts you may have.

Anyone got a black colouring in pencil. Lol

Join me!!!!! In colouring the middle of your top lip and if anyone asks who or what you are, we are all our own non-smoking Hitlers. Right, thats that done, Im coloured in, lol. Ok ok who says we cant have a little fun with this situation.

I hear some of you say why Hitler (but lets not get into politics here since

my father was Jewish) so no arguments guys, I will state

I’m not on here to start any wars except - against smoking !!

So Day 10 Later, since Ive pressed the button to the no go area of tar warzone, Ive exploded my body with new sources of ammunition and replenished my levels of fuel (oxygen) and Im sure ive got rid of a few free radicals from my beautiful parents creation. If we don't love ourselves first, then how can we love.

Hmmmm. Now on the coffee aspect of things (Ive gone off on a bit of a tangent but still important) I find I’m not drinking as much of it and my body just aint looking for it – strange). I think I’m avoiding the trigger(s). Detrimental that we suss those out. Drink plenty of water folks.

What sets each individual down those dark alleys of temptation? We really need to be our own spies and realise what might be setting us up for those attacks.

People, avoid, stand back, look it in the eye for what it is!

!!chemical warfare!!!!!

Defeatists we are not, winners we are!

Awhhhhh nawhhhhhh, sweating on my top lip with the heat in the office today, ive just rubbed right under me nose and its black biro ( Theres no colouring pencils at work). I now look like a frigging chimney sweep. Pity its not white cause I am Fazzer Chrizmasssssss. I guess even Hitler laughed a little.

Be a father Christmas to yourself and give yourself the bestest present ever.

A little early in the year for the season but what season will you be good to yourself?

A little when its too late perhaps?

Hmmmmm, is there a time limit on that day10ator.

Boom bang-a boom.

Have a nice day y’all.

Breathe free and stay safe


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Hi Paula :)

loving your fighting talk

keep in mind your goals and you will win this battle wont be long before you will have that many battles behind you that will help boost you up till your flying overhead

obviously being apart of this amazing place will also help too :)

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

plus becoming a life long member of the N. O. P. E. group is the best group to be in


Well done P.

Double figures! Awesome x


we are all our own non-smoking Hitlers

We are the Quit Nazis.


Nicotine dulls the effects of caffeine in your system so that may be the reason why you aren't craving it as much. I had to completely quit it in the first weeks of my quit, the caffeine hit made me too sick and I used to drink loads!

Love all your posts they are so fun to read! x


Lol, its lunchtime folks. Sitting here munching on a salad with red salmon delightfully infused with a balsamic dressing. Talk about flavours coming to life. Mmmm! Yum yum.

Today Im actually having a realisation at how smoking had marred my taste-buds before quitting. I munched down my food without really savouring or tasting it. Munch-swallow, munch-swallow, munch, drink- swallow.

Isnt it crazy how we've taken for granted our senses. Or.... really did we have no sense before quitting. I wonder did smoking take away that logical sense. Is it that just after quitting that the logical reasoning to our human behaviour became apparent and did nicotine do more damage than we were actually aware of. Hmmmm. A conspiracy indeed. What did they actually put in those awful sticks I ask you? To keep us hooked, they reduced our appetite cause food didn't actually taste that good. Was it the chemicals? Hmmm. I mean.. why would I NOT wanna taste my food. Right, I wanna slap the person who put that **** in those things. Ive actually been sailing along dragging that muck into my lungs while being duped (like a horse with blinkers on) by whatever chemicals was in them. Thank goodness my blinkers have come off, my chemical warfare is over, my brain is working again and even though Im experiencing food like a baby being weaned, then aren't I glad Ive been reborn.

Lol, from a lady who just enjoyed her lunch and doesnt feel guilty about eating it.

Up yours Nico.

Breathe free and stay safe



Glad you enjoyed your lunch Paula :)

An improved sense of taste (and smell) is indeed one of the best of the quitting benefits to my mind.

Nearly two weeks down now! Fair play to you girl. You're not half doing well.


Paula loving the double figures, WOW Amazing::):

Great post just keep at it:cool:


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