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50 Days!

Hi everyone

I have managed 50 whole days without a cigarette, feeling a great sense of achievement now and hardly ever crave. I was feeling pretty down on Friday as I was having some problems with my son (nothing new!) and I had a massive painful stye come up. When I got home in the evening I realised that despite stress and pain I hadn't thought about cigarettes all day so was chuffed.

Went out on Saturday evening for a girls night/boozy BBQ and noticed happily that I was in the majority as we sat outside chatting - nearly all non smokers so for once I didn't feel anti social :D

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And proud you should be, hopefully over the worst of the craves, and proving you can enjoy good nights out with out having to smoke, is I feel a great recipe for your continued quit.

50 days wow, amazing


Fantastic Nicky!

Isn't it lovely to know you'll never have to feel like an anti-social leper ever again? :)


Well done that's super. It's such a good feeling when you realise that you never even considered smoking even in a really stressful situation. Keep it up, you'll be at 100 days before you even know it x


50 not out.

Very cool :D


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