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Day 7 - Getting Easier

Hiya Folks (Time being 10.26am)

My day 7 is here. As I gave up around 9pm last Sunday night, Ive actually only 11 hrs left to be starting into week two but seriously Im not counting lol. Im just thrilled to nearly being a week as a non-smoker. Wey-heyyyyy!!!!!

Yesterday I went for a two hour long walk with my wee doggie who is called Poppy. We both love the outdoors. There is a new walking/cycle path quite near to where I live. It takes about 20 mins to walk to it. Generally I don't let her off the lead but today I did and that was really confusing for her. It was fun to watch. I weighed up the danger prior to letting her off the lead and the conclusion was there wasn't any. To explain, the cycle path runs from the Foyle bridge right up to St. Columbs Park. Once on the walkway/cycle path, its doesn't encounter any roads. The walkway is between a newly fenced off railway track and a high embankment (the railway track aint new, just the walking/cycle path)which has been newly fenced off so there are no spaces where she can squeeze through. The River Foyle is on the other side of the fence and we'd already walked about a quarter of a mile in from the road we'd left to join the cycle path. For the first 5 mins she was like a scaredy cat, a few steps in front and then a few steps behind, looking at me and sniffing here and sniffing there, she scurried around and then buck leapt into a run, her ears flopping like a bunny rabbits and the wind in her fur. I guess like her I felt liberated from the awful habit of smoking and that's how she must have felt being let off the lead. Any cyclists that came whizzing by, she came to stand behind me.

She was free to explore for the next 40 mins as we made our way towards to park where she plays fetch with the ball, something we always do at home with her in the garden out the back. She'll lay the ball at your feet and look up at you and down at the ball so you know what she's telling you. The usual dog parent duties to attend to on the way home, I put the lead back on her and disposed of into the doggy bin.

The day was relaxing, a nice warm breeze to chill out to, a few children in the park wanting to make a fuss of the doggy daughter and a phone call from Steven confirming the time for the film we both wanted to see, "The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" (in 3D) and a text message to tell me my favourite Chinese was ordered, "see you in 20 mins".... Awhhhhhh what a lovely day.

Film was very enjoyable. Steven very supportive, thankyou so much honey x

Moral of the story. Yes its nice to be free from the chains of Nicotine. Very liberating indeed. You will find that life just doesn't stop just because you're not smoking, and things can still be enjoyed without it. One day at a time folks.

Have a nice day


Breathe Free and stay safe :)

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Now thats enjoying life to the max Paula! Well done, keep going


Nice one Paula :D

Glad you're having a better day today and many congratulations on successfully completing your first full week. Onwards and upwards! :)


Well done Paula :) I can remember being proud as punch every week I completed as a non smoker, keep up the good work


Sounds like my kind of day Paula, well done on getting that first week out of the way x


Great to have some distance between you and a part life, doing oh so very well.:):)

Just keep going :cool:


Great post Paula, well done you are doing great. I find it's better to do things and I find not smoking gives you so much more time, which is surprising. :)


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