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Name is tom, 27 years old

Smoking 25 to 30 a day, am giving up today and just wanted to join up to have a chat if needs be and advice

Going cold turkey route early doors so far, but if you don't try you never know

Smoked for about ten years and just had enough of every aspect of it now

Got me some foxes mints so when I get the urge will have one of those

If anyone is interested will update thread to let you know how it goes

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Hi Tom , and a big welcome from me, great decision to quit, that's half the battle, I did not do ct, but pent of lovely peeps on here who have, so any props just ask.

Good luck and keep us updated:)


Thanks all I looked at all the options

Nicotine replacement seemingly just prolongs the quit period, its an option if ct fails, but I am mentally addressing it as a no fail situation, I don't think I have ever more than now wanted to give up for a multitude of reasons

I have read up as much as possible on ct but ultimately each withdrawal and experience will be unique I guess

Thanks again for the welcome


Hi Tom,

I've said hello on your Day One thread but thought I would welcome you on this threat too being as it is your official introduction thread. :)

I have nothing but awe and deep admiration for anyone who goes CT as I know I would never have managed it myself. All I can say is good on you, and I will be rooting for you.

Please keep posting and share your experiences with us. The combined wisdom and strength of the forum is second to none and I am sure I would never have come this far without it.

All the best from me for your journey to freedom. :)


Hi Tom - hope day one has been kind.

First few days will be the worst then it gets easier as each day passes :)


Hi Tom,

Welcome to the forum, great place for support, advice and a bit of distraction when that's all you can think/talk about is not smoking.

Hope today went well.


Very BIG welcome from me!


hi posted in other thread as well, sorry for posting twice will try and keep one main thread thanks for the kind welcome again all

just quick update, over a day into this now and i really do not feel all to bad, i timed it so i would be busy over the first week rather than at home

i find having something to do is always a great way when stopping anything

should i be feeling worse, will it get worse?

feeling a little unlike myself akin to being dizzy or very relaxed but def not irritable anxious at all

i thought i would be holding my hand trying to stop myself lighting up, but its been of a more "smoke after dinner? dont really do that no more, so i wont"

i went to the gp yesterday to seek advice on champix, they put a referal in to a stop smoking clinic which i wont hear from for two weeks at least and simply would not prescribe

this is my whole reason for cold turkey, impatiently i was not prepared to wait, and actually felt more drive when the gp was telling me my odds and how to do it, so this is my irst time giving up and hopefully last

i do not want to give something up more than once

so summary after first say 36 hours, feel mostly fine, dont know when the onslaught begins though, but have mentally built myself up as much as possible

only thing i am now doing got some mini fox mints and chupa chups, limit it to 5 of each a day as do not want to stuff myself full of sugar, they seem to do the job for keeping me mouth busy


You are to be doing brilliant if you are cold turkey and feeling like that after 3 days. keep it up. Feeling weird like you describe is normal and it can last on and off for days or weeks or even months pending on the individual.

I remember I felt weird for long spells like I just wasn't me at all but it went..eventually, I think some of weirdness went into my posts from time to time. It takes time you just have to stick with it day by day month after month.

Cold turkey is probably the hardest to do, I went cold turkey, although I have nothing against substitutes I'm a big believer on stopping the nico supply all together but for some it works for them if they gradually weed their way off it.

What ever's best, I do know one thing, this board will support you when you post no matter how the smoking quit has you feeling, anything to get you from the despairs of this useless trap, let's face it, Pink Floyd hit the nail on the head with their song "Time" with the lyrics..

"Shorter of breath and one day closer to death".

Good Luck Tom.


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