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A whole week tomorrow!

Evening all!

I've nearly made it a whole week!

Had a rotten weekend due to some bad family news! I won't be on much this next week, due to travelling and the circumstances at the moment. Today was particularly bad. I feel like I'm missing that something, that comfort that would usually get me through a tough time ( or at least I thought it did) it's been an emotional day. I'm very agitated an irritable. But I'm taking it in my stride. And powering through!

I made a decision to put my patch back on as I know this week will be rough and I'm going to have to dig deep. I will be around alot of family and friends who smoke. emotions will be high. and there will most likely be drinks! And to be honest I need all the help I can get so patches, soft mints. Sweeties, and my bottle of water are all good to go!

I need to remember that no matter what is happening, what stresses I am dealing with, sticking a smoke in my gob full of poisonous rubbish will not change one thing. I will not be happier or more relaxed. I will not be less stressed. I have not given up anything! Most importantly I need to be easy on myself and remember I am still early in my quit. I will experience triggers I didn't realise were there, but also remember I've squashed many of those so far that's why I'm about to enter my second week smoke free!

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Wow, almost a week, way to go !

Considering that you are always around smokers, you are doing very very well indeed. I try to stay away from them if I can, and the drinks too. :D

Hope you POWER through this day. :)


Hi Laura, so sorry you having a upsetting time right now.:(

Regarding your patch, it's a good thing, it takes the edge off the crave.

I used the patch method and although I adapted it slightly it worked for me:)

I do hope you get through the week ok, just keep going a little at a time.

Take care:)


Hi Laura

Sorry to hear that things are tough you right now. Wishing you all the luck in getting where you want to be :)


I'm sorry you're having to deal with some difficult issues Laura but well done for planning ahead so comprehensively. You're clearly determined to hang on in there no matter what is thrown at you and that speaks volumes for your committment and courage.

May your week go well. Do post/drop in whenever you can and we will all be thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs. :)


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