No Smoking Day
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Tested to my limits today!

Soooooo after a marvellous start to day 5..... It's just gone down hill!

1) I received some bad news

2) on way to see friend (about bad news) my car got a flat tyre ( really?? Are you ******* kidding me?) well I was pretty little site at the side of the road!

3) at friends house I realised i forgot to put my patch on! Omg!!

I have not smoked but I want too. Badly!! Or have a beer but if I have a beer ill Want to smoke. My kids are due back in an hour from my mother in laws ( she was gonna have them later in the day but took them after I received the news god bless her)

I have kept my patch off. I figured screw it I've come this far I don't need it I can do it on my own! If I was gonna smoke I would have done so already I've been smoke free for more than 100 hours what's 5 more mins? I can do this! No blips allowed. My bad news will still be there smoking will not change it. And ill only be peed off with myself as we'll as the world if I smoke!

Kids are coming home soon so happy face on and get a grip of myself before they do:) stop feeling sorry for yourself Laura!

Sorry for the rant!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend:)

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thanks TG, I love how I pop on here and theres always a wee message of support! its awesome!, im doing better now..... I feel more in control again.

it seemed everything was failing around me so my mind started too aswell, but I didn't smoke. ive worn my kids out and weve baked cakes.

plan of action..... have a good cry, have a bath, binge on said cakes and throw myself at my bed lol.


Sounds like an excellent plan, Laura (because it doesn't involved smoking!) - WELL DONE!


Hey, cool. That's a whole bunch of stressful situations through which you have successfully remained quit :)

Well done Laura14. Keep going!

S xx


If you can not only hold onto your quit despiite a bunch of stressful situations hitting you en masse AND do it without your patch you're definitely well on the way to establishing your forever quit.

Well done Laura! :):)


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