No Smoking Day
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Day 3, bring it on!

Day 1-check

Day 2 -check

Day 3 - a bit worried about today, read online that days 3 and 4 are usually really hard :(

On the plus side, sooner I get the hard stuff out the way the better :)

I was reading many of the posts on here last night and was surprised how common and difficult sleeping can become :(

On the whole I am a good sleeper but do want to prepare myself for future ups and downs. Did many of you experience insomnia and if so when did it start and how long did it last?

Have a wonderful day all. Hopefully I will return home this evening with another positive spring in my step ;)

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Hi Camellia,

Don't worry too much about the reports of the Dreaded Day Three. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think it came about because it tends to be the point where you realise you have to make a choice about whether you're in this for the duration or not, if that makes sense. The really good thing is that the nicotine will be out of your system by the end of today and from here onwards you really are well on the way. :)

Re the insomnia, I'd say most (but by no means all) quitters have some difficulty at some point early in their quits with disrupted sleep (though some people report feeling tired all the time and sleeping heaps more than usual rather than less). I found I kept waking during the night and had some difficulty in getting off to sleep but it didn't last for more than a few weeks. As with all the quit side-effects, it wears off and you come out the other side eventually.

Hope your Day Three goes really well- will look forward to reading a full report- and well done!! :)


Well done Camellia on getting to day three.

I have found this forum is a great help as you want to move to the next day. I wouldn't worry too much about the side effects as they seem to be completely different for each person. I'm struggling with sleep but some other only had a few nights of disturbed sleep. I actually read up on (googled) why it happens and it made a lot of sense.

Good luck getting past your third day. x


Hi, great to see this quit getting underway, well done🐥

Such a huge amount of personnel advice on here , that people will endure lots of different side effects,. Sometimes it's maybe best to just keep doing what your doing, and yes if side affects happen! Get on here and people will try to help......... For some they have no issues at all with there quit, you maybe one !..... its so much more the anticipation that something may happen, don't you think?🐣

I do hope your proud of your self doing great:)


Not so bad after all

Well ....... Day 3 almost over!

Stressful day, car leaking water, work intense, daughter poorly but no cigarettes came near this lady. No sir, cammy remains smoke free so far.

Hope all is well for you buttercup. :D


Good to meet you Camellia, I sleep like a baby normally so it was a bit of a shock to the system when i discovered I couldn't get to sleep and very frustrating!

It only lasted a week or so but didn't hit til nearly 7 weeks in so everybody is definitely different!

Glad to see day 3 went well, goodd luck for tomorrow.


I'm with you all the way Cam :) xxx well done you! X

How did it go with oh smoking today? I only know 2 people that smoke and one of them I don't see. I must confess I am avoiding the other smoker at the moment, just don't want to risk it :rolleyes:


It must be so tough watching others smoke, but I bet they are all looking at you and are wishing they were in your shoes.;)

I've not told my OH yet that I have quit (he is away on a course). He quit nearly 3 years ago and found it a piece of cake. He never mentions me smoking but I know he will be glad that I've taken this path.:)


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