No Smoking Day
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100 not out

If someone had told me on no smoking day that I'd be here 100 days later as a non smoker for that length of time, I'd have not believed it in truth. But here we are, and it's really happened.

To say I am in a good mood at reaching this first major goal, is the understatement of the day.

Damn this feels good. Moving on...150 next up. I want that penthouse room.

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Well done Carl x


Carl, I am certain your suite at the Penthouse is already being prepared as we speak. :D

Well done mate! That's one mega-achievement. :)


Well done Carl


I like the way you have put the milestone dates on the end of your postings Mrs J.

Really good motivational idea.

As for me, Day 104 being safely negotiated. Next milestone in my mind is day 150 so the countdown for that day is on. After that comes a real biggie, Day 183..which is the day that marks the halfway point to the penthouse :D

Cigarettes not smoked since quitting : 2,080 TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHTY!!! My god! Finding out how many I've not smoked was/is a real shock.


And so you should be so proud and happy:):):)

Am sure the rewards are starting to show, are you having a nice little treat ?

So, pleased for you.:)


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