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Day 18

Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is doing well!

Day 18 for me today and have been a bit grumpy and quick tempered with my OH this afternoon, weigh in day tomorrow :eek: Hope I have lost some weight this week, getting a bit fed up of fruit & veg at the moment but it will be worth it in the end! Might be a bit naughty as doing a BBQ tomorrow for my mums birthday and got all the family round so may have to indulge just a little!


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Hi Bev, going in a great direction, doing great, ;)

Just keep going;) more of the same


Well done Bev! Kudos :)


Well Done

Hi Bev

Well done on getting this far, as we have the same quit date we have both now completed day 18 :) Use the BBQ as a little reward. :)

I'm also a bit worried about the possible weight gain (I'm already 4 stone overweight!), bought a bike last Friday and have been out for a 20 minute ride most evenings after work.



Bef & Nicky,

You really do sound like a force to be reckoned with- please accept a huge well done from me to you both :)

As for the weight, I should aim for maintaining your current weight if I were you. That way, if you lose some, it'll be an added bonus and if you can manage not to gain any more it'll be all the easier when your quits are established sufficiently to tackle the weight seperately.

You enjoy that BBQ Bef! :D


Thanks everyone for your kind words of encouragement,

Nicky, glad you are still with us! we will have to be strong for each other and move on up through these rooms to the penthouse!

Went for my weigh in tonight and have lost 3lb! got my half a stone award! most of that I have probably just put back on at the BBQ but who cares it was lovely! :D


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