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7 weeks

Completed. Tick, just one more week to go and I will be 8 weeks or 2 months smoke free. Feels like a lifetime. Chest is really tight at the moment and must be putting on weight as I can't get in my favourite corset. Any healthy recipes would be appreciated. Don't want to diuet so just trying to limit the nice stuff. Afraid I am going to have to give up the alcohol a bit. Not completely but limit myself to one night a week only rather than a full weekend. Think that's going to be tougher than giving up the fags lol

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Hey doing so well, and yes weight can be a issue, but that's not permanent so try not to worry to much. Doing great just keep going;)

Home made soup is great.

White roasted fish, with spicy tomato and pepper sauce, low carb and low cals

Cottage cheese great.

Stuffed chicken breast lovely cooked in the oven.

Sushi nice, put anything in that, and trust me easy to make!

Congratulations on this milestone:)


Fantastic Mrs Joy! :D

You'll soon start to really feel the benefit now. Bet you can already notice the difference in your skin, hair and teeth can't you?

Tracey has some good ideas there. Sugar-free gum to chew on can help for both craves and to stop you nibbling and try to replace high-calorie snacks with vegetable crudities or fruit. Also, adapt your usual recipes by substituting low-fat alternatives wherever possible. If you do that and up your activity levels as much as you can you'll soon see the diference.

You're doing wonderfully well though and any weight gain can always be tackled at a later stage. Your quit is the priority.


Great job Mrs Joy you're well on your way. Corset? Do you do burlesque and stuff? One of my friends is really into that kind of thing. x


I was wondering that too. :)


I don't do burlesque Kirstie but would love to have a go. Always loved wearing a corset, I could happily spend a fortune on them and think all us gals should invest. I have about 10 :D:D


Wow! :)

Don't tell Kitkat whatever you do or we'll never hear the end of it :D

I only ever owned one. I had a boyfriend who liked it very much (;)) but current OH (bless him) was never an 'underwear' man. I think he fancies me most when I'm wearing fell-walking boots!

Do you have some Parisian burlesque sorts of corsets Mrs J? I love them.



We would probably have had to call for medical assistance. ;)


I do have one one those. Good for all occasions lol


You've done brilliantly.

Well done!! :)


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