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My reasons to quit nic

I've had Nic with me since I was 16 ! I'm now 52 coming up 53..thats most of my life this menace has been around and I can honestly say I am fed up with the control nic has . I've tried 3 times before ,my longest was 9 months. I can only think of 1 reason to smoke,to stop nic nagging ! that's it ! BUT I can think of many reasons to quit and its these I'm going to keep looking at ...

I want to stop worrying I'll get some lethal disease

I want to get better at cycling longer distances

I want to have money left over each month

I want to smell better

I want to taste my food better

I want to feel bright and alive

I want to set a good example to my grandson

I want to feel strong in control of what I put in my body

I want to be proud of myself

I want to smell the roses

I want to be really relaxed like I was at 15

I want a life without nic in it

and I'm sure I have more :)

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Hi Nunn,

Lovely to meet you :)

You have a fantastic list of reasons to quit there. It might help to display them somewhere prominent so you can refer to the list when a bad moment hits you.

You've come to the right place for support- everyone here is lovely- and we're all in the same boat. Keep posting and let us know how things are going.


Hi Nunn lovely to meet you, hope day 1 is going well you sound really positive :) wishing you all the best. Xxx


Hi Nunn, a big hello from me, hope all is going ok.

Read and post as often as needed.

Look forward to your future posts:)


Thank you all

thank you all for your kind welcome. I know I was going for Tuesday as day 1 ,it didn't happen. I am going to see no smoking person at gps tomorrow eve,doc advised to set my date for a couple of weeks time and see no smoke that's where I'm at.

BIG well done to you Tractor lady ,I'll be with you soon xx


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