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Feeling of ANGER!

I have had to post this as I have had an over whelming feeling of anger recently, and tonight I want to burst with anger.:mad:

I HATE fags, smoking, the whole drug...why O why is it still legal, why are they still selling the ****** things, and they are so accessible, I watch my partner chuffing on 30 a day every day in and day out and day in and day out-it scares me.:mad:

I'm not angry with myself for starting smoking, It was my choice, but that choice was made easier because they were there for the taking.:mad:

The more I think about it the more angry I get.....whats' your feelings on this??

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I don't think any of us made a conscious 'choice' to start smoking, any more than anyone chooses to be an alcoholic or a drug addict.

Our adolescent curiosity / rebelliousness encouraged us to experiment, and the trap proceeded to pull us in just like it pulls everyone else in. Those ensnared in the trap have to make a very positive choice to break free, and to do so successfully takes a great investment in self-education; I don't believe it can be done on a whim.

You could argue that any government with real balls could either raise the legal smoking age year by year, or ban cigarette sales and make tobacco a prescription drug... but back in the real world, we know that would never happen:(:(:(


I think that what you are feeling is actually part of the quitting process for you :)

I don't feel any anger myself BUT if I was watching my hubby killing himself smoking 30 a day I am sure I would feel very angry. Not at him though. I expect like you I would direct that anger at the government :)

That must be soooooo tough for you

Keep doing what you are doing. You are doing really well :):):):):):):):)

Yes Jen, you have nailed it on the head there, I lost my dad and grandma due to smoking, I feel as if I am watching my partner slowly kill himself with them too-It frightens me, I hate it, and yes it angers me.

I have never asked my partner to stop smoking, as I have learnt it is something you want to do and not because others pressure you-I would never do that to anyone.

It could also be part of my 'healing' a part of my cessation, but the feeling of dismay and worry for my smoking loved ones is very strong, I also believe because I have read and read and read about smoking (although I knew previously how bad it was) the realisationion of how addictive and how dangerous it is.

Some interesting points raised, but my feelings towards this addictive drug remains the same.


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