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Hello everyone:Dhavnt posted quite as often lately but am still here smoke free and going strong.

Thought I'd just share my non smoking app with you,esp any newbies that don't think they will get to a week never mind the penthouse:)

It's 135 days,15 hr and 40 min since I last smoked.

I havnt smoked 2713 roll ups

And I have saved £407.

I gave up because daughter was having baby and I wanted to be around a while and not smell disgusting.:)

Now I v got another reason to stay quit,my other daughter is pregnant too,so I'm finished with fags....for good.

Stick with it because I was a die hard smoker and if I can quit believe me anyone can,just keep going:D

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Oh how wonderful! Congratulations to you and to both your daughters, Carol. A granny twice over! How fantastic is that? :) (dear me- I hope you can knit? ;)) How lovely to know that your grandchildren will never know you as anything other than a non-smoking granny who smells (and is) beautiful.

And a huge well done on your rock-solid quit. :)

What a brilliant incentive for you to stay quit, I'm sure the £407 you have saved will be spent spoiling your new grandchildren when they come along :) xx

Ahhh. shucks.....( blushing):o


Thats awesome :) Mega congrats hun and mega well done :) Xxx

Congratulations, sweet smelling Nanny :D

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