No Smoking Day
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5 Months Today!!!


Cannot believe it, I cannot imagine smoking now although I do get an empty feeling from time to time but I know as time goes on that will subside.

The weight is under control now so hopefully I will start to lose some shortly!

Off on my first beach holiday since I stopped next week, that will be interesting as smoking was one of the main things I did on my hols, however, I have also stopped drinking as well...I didnt drink much at all but I dont want to get a bit tipsy and think that one fag wont hurt as I know it most certainly would.

Take care all and keep on going.......



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Well done and enjoy your healthy holiday!


Congratulations Jac, I agree with you that it's a good idea to not drink as much on your first holiday since quitting, it's better to be safe than sorry, have a wonderful time xx


Yay that woman!

Fantastic Jacci- just plan ahead and I am sure you'll be fine on your hols. Have a wonderful time and many congratulations from me. :)


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