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Hey all

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. *waves* I have set my quit date for tomorrow and this will be my second quit!

I successfully quit for almost 8 months about 8 years ago going cold turkey but then my relationship broke down and blah blah blah... here I am again hehe :)

I'm aiming to go down the gum route and pure willpower! I have a busy day planned tomorrow (with nice things) so hopefully I can get through it as easily as possible!

Currently feeling a bit scared (I think I was naive last time) but know I have to, and want to, do this!

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Thanks Debbieh

It's all a bit scary, esp when you have been through it before. BUT it does mean I know I can do it :D

Hope your quit is going well x


Thanks lovely ladies! :D

I need to sort me life out! LOL And I want a new car hahhahha I will win ;)


Thanks Jenny :) I hope I can be a support to others too!

I'm still scared for tomorrow though lol!


I did CT last time, but I have gum this time, just in case! I want to go CT cause I think it gets it over and done quicker but I remember how much I suffered last time. 3 days of pretty much hell and then another few days of horribleness (that might be a made up word!)


Hi mrs :) in the words of Keith lemon "alt best" for tomorrow :) will look forward to sharing your journey with you xx


Thanks Donna :) I now have visions of Keith Lemon's bandaged wrist! lol!

I'm about to go to the shops to stock up on Orange juice and cranberry juice (I've read these can help) and some sucking sweeties ;) I want to avoid NRT if I can...


Right, I have grapes, juice, carrots, cucumber and hard mints... let's do this! :D


welcome to the forum and good luck for today.


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