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bumpy ride so far

Hi guys, not sure if I belong in week 3 or not... It's been a little over 17 days and so far I've already had 5 relapses, one cig each time, last one was couple of days ago. In each case felt more guilty than anything else and still know that I want to be a non-smoker.

Anyway I'm still going for it, not resetting the clock so I don't lose my mind, just thinking of it as the timeline since I decided to quit, hopefully no more slip ups.

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It's your quit, so do whatever you feel comfortable with. No-one on the forum can say you're right or wrong, and in fact for me I was never that comfortable with the concept of counting off days in any event.

However, if you are counting days, then to my mind it would simply be days since you last smoked - no ifs, buts, relapses, slips, or blips; otherwise I think you're kidding yourself. After all, non-smokers don't have slips and blips:rolleyes::rolleyes:

As soon as you start going down this route then you could put any time you want on it - you joined the forum in 2009, so presumably you decided to quit in 2009, so by your own logic why not say you're coming up to five years quit?

I don't want to sound negative, and as I said at the start it's your quit and your rules, but you have to be honest with yourself.


I think it's totally up to you but be careful you're not kidding youself.

I did a 4 month quit punctured by blips. At the end of 4 months I was still craving and desperate to smoke. I smoked because I thought if I still want a cigarette this badly after 4 months I'll never quit.

The truth is every blip awakens the monster once more. Whether you count it as day 1 or not is irrelevant but you're putting your body through day 1 over and over again and that is hell.

It took me 3 years to get over that 'failed' attempt. I really believed I'd quit for 4 months and was hopelessly addicted. This time I was 'over' smoking after 57 days, that's less than 2 months. NOPE is the only way to quit.

Good luck.:)


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