No Smoking Day
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Just starting to struggle! :(

So over 6 months without smoking and only now i have just started to struggle!! you may have read earlier posts from me where i expressed how great i was doing and didn't think it was that hard but these past three weeks i keep thinking what i would do just to have one cigarette!! ahhh will these cravings ever go?? i can't fail now! :mad:

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It will pass Lulu, the weather probably has something to do with it, as Debbie says. It will pass and will eventually disappear; it's just another trigger, when you deal with it, it will leave you alone ;)


Thanks guys for the help :) i'm feeling a little better now and your right the sunny weather isn't helping me one bit.

Im determined to stay strong!

Thanks for the replies and take care :D


First of all congratulations on the HUGE mile stone of 6 months! :D:D

That is a feat that many of us Janurary Freedom Fighters are, at this moment, charging forward to get to and cross. It is inspiring to see people ahead of us getting there. :D

Like Max and the others said; This too shall pass. The cravings should be getting better for you day by day. I know how you feel about wanting to go out into the sun and smoke because that was a trigger for me too.

Just continue to live by NOPE and you will be alright. You've got the Nicodemon on his back and struggling. Kick him in the ribs and just say NOPE!! :cool:


ahhh i feel exactly the same!! im 7 months now and i have been craving for 3 days solid!

Its so hard isnt it, especially when you have been so happy in your quit. I wont lie im so tempted to go back to smoking BUT something tells me that once i smoke that fag, ill regret it because like another has said, its just the romantic notion of smoking that is appealing.

I think the first year of getting over any drug addiction is the hard part. Its a big adjustment and its normal to have times where we just want our old comforts in life. I keeping saying 'well you got to have something in life, right?' but this is BS really. Give it a week and it will go, these cravings seem to last 4 or 5 days then just go. give it time and rmemeber NOPE


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