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Tomorrow my quit starts (again)


Hi all,

Used to be on here about 5 years ago. I successfully quit with the help of the great people on here for 4 years, then I had a fag at a party and slipped back into the old routine fairly quickly.

In that 4 years I felt great, didn't crave any fags whatsoever and thought I had cracked it so when I had one at a party I thought I was in total control. Then the next day I had 1 fag, no problem, im in total control. Next day, 2 fags, that's ok, im in control. Then 5, then 10 a day, which by my old standard was still pretty good, but its ok because I was a non smoker in total control of smoking. WRONG!

Now I've been smoking for the past 6 months and steadily crept upto 20 a day, albeit on a weaker brand than my smoking days of old.

My kids (9 & 7) are disappointed in me as they never remembered me as a smoker and have been on at me to quit, so I've explained to them that I am rejoining this forum so that the good people can help me to quit again, and hopefully me others.

I can tell any fellow quitters who are starting today or in the near future that life is 100times better as a non smoker, lots more energy, no coughing, lots more money, better taste and smell.

Also since living live as a non-smoker and re-starting again, I've noticed that it really does control your life. Take a party last week for example. We got to the party and instead of greeting our friends properly, it was a quick hello, let me go for a fag, then I can come back and speak to you properly. Sad and I don't like that.

Lastly, as a non smoker for 4 years, I can tell you that us smokers absolutely reek to non smokers, and ash trays, urrrgh. Although back as a smoker now I can't smell it and neither do I care.

Anyway that's me. Ready to start tomorrow. Good luck everyone :-)

P.S. Just noticed my old signature, my original quit date was 03/08/09. Will change this asap, and let it be a warning that you are NEVER in control of fags as I thought I was. :-)

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Thanks for the replies everyone. Yes I thought after 4 years I would never smoke again, I didn't even think about them but I slipped up and got caught out.

Jenny I do think it will be easier after the first day as I know theres nothing to fear being a non smoker and how great it is :-). I also know that no matter how much the pangs are to smoke on a quit, they soon disappear :-)

Debbie, 2 Essex girls and an Essex boy sounds good to me lol :-) Hope your quit goes well tomorrow.

This forum really helped me last time going through the quit with other people and im sure it will again, and hopefully I can be of help to others.

Welcome back and thankyou for the stark reminder that no matter how long we are quit it only takes 1.....I wish you well for tomorrow and look forward to your posts xx

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