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Day 4 yay and meh!

Day 4 - Yay!!! Am actually pleased with self and haven't lost the feeling of wanting to quit even though I am craving and everyone, including the dog, got on my nerves this morning....Going too slow, being in the bathroom when I wanted it, being in the loo when I wanted it, not making my coffee when YOU SAID YOU WOULD :mad::mad:


Anyway - the real 'Meh' bit was not sleeping well. Seemed like I stayed in the twilight zone of half asleep - half awake all night. Also had freaky dream that involved a monster - a bit like the fairy chomping one in Pan's Labyrinth - and a game of chess, which I wasn't winning.

That's all I can remember now, although I do remember being relieved to realise I was dreaming!

I've had sleep disturbance before on my previous quits so, I'm refusing to make a big deal out of it and have made a pact with myself that, even if I do find myself unable to sleep, I lay still and comfortable and do some relaxation exercises instead.

On my last quit I would get angry and anxious and end up getting up which made the following day a bit of a tiredness induced car crash. It's not conducive to quitting so I'm going to make sure I stick to the above. In theory, even if I don't sleep I should be rested.

Oh and another 'Yay' I was experiencing a side effect that is common and it resolved itself this morning. Thank Goodness!

Happy Monday Guys xx

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Like the last 'yay' Looper! :D Nothing worse than things in that dept not cooperating...

You do write entertaing posts. You may be experiencing some of the unpleasant quit side-effects but you've not lost your sense of humour and I really do believe that's half the battle. :)

Well done that Loop- half way through your first week now!



Day 4 in the bag, happy days, the dreams are actually ridiculous aren't they? I have been having some really realistic ones too, also like your idea of just lying there and relaxing if you can't sleep, I too get all edgy and end up getting up, not good at all, I do recommend herbal Nytol though, they have valerian in them which helps with anxiety and not being able to switch off, they worked really well for me and helped me to sleep hence the dreams ;) ;)

Keep up the good work hun xxx


Day 5

Had a bit of a tantrum last night. :o Although it was quite cathartic in certain ways.

Day 5 today and I could have so easily gone and bought a pack just now.

I didn't.

Why didn't I? I'm not actually sure. I didn't want to undo what I've already achieved. I wanted my lungs to continue to recover. I didn't want to spend the money. I didn't want to feel a failure or have to admit my failure. I didn't want to smell of fags, I want the skin on my face to continue improving. I didn't want to start from day 1 again and have to go through all that.

I guess I do know why I didn't.

Just gritting teeth, literally, and dragging myself through it today.



Well done Looper - keep thinking of the reasons you have quit to give you the strength,

You are going wonderfully well




You are indeed. :)

This is the point where you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and plodding on. You do gain height, you just don't notice it at the time.

You can do it, you can, really you can. :)


Well done Looper, takes a lot not to go and buy a packet when you can in those first few days, trust us all when we tell you it does get easier and it's not like this forever.

I know what you mean about the sleeping stuff, I suffered terrible insomnia initially, like literally didn't sleep for 2 days at one point and then only 2 or 3 hours most nights. Really took me to the tipping point but I refused to give in and now I'm sleeping like a baby right the way through the night, annoying really I was asleep 12 hours last night!

Keep up the good work x


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