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Week 7


Today is the start of week seven two more weeks and the dreaded month 3 lol

Had a wonderful day yesterday, took my wife and son on a steam train trip to cullinin for Mother's Day , what a sense of freedom to sit on a 2.5 hour train ride without wanting to smoke !

Smokers are really starting to smell awfull now and every time someone walked past I could smell the had just sneaked a fag between coaches.

Other than that I have hardly any cravings or thoughts of smoking and I no longer say trying to quit and rather say "I don't smoke" and life is much better as a non smoker

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Many congratulations Dude- nearly at the end of month 2! That's fantastic!

Really glad you're feeling so positive and chilled. :)

Lovely post, so pleased your surging through, fantastic;)

Well done you, glad to hear everything is falling into place. You sound really positive and your shields are well and truly up for month 3.

I had a really bad couple of days round day 50 and nearly lost it but so glad I stuck it out. My 'light bulb' moment was just round the corner and I didn't realise it.

Nice work Dude, no need to fear month 3, I think you will get through it just fine, as Sue said she had a dodgy day around day 50 mine was around 78 I think... The only difference is Sue stuck at it and I didn't... You have the minerals to stick at this I think :) :)

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