No Smoking Day
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Still Kicking

Haven't been around for a bit, been just over 9 weeks smoke

Decided to stop the champex, i was getting some pretty severe nausea, that would last all day. weird to not have anything like that until that far into taking the pills, but the nausea went away when i stopped the pills so.

I am missing my vivid dreams! especially the "adult" ones haha, and my good mood and just general feeling of being happy and content has gone down, it is still there, but less. But still keeping busy, still smoke free, and ready to battle the Camping BBQ Outdoor Beer drinking Summer fun without Smoking!! haha :D

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Nice to read your well into your quit and doing ok.

Your doing great, just keep going:cool:


Well done Jinx :D

Summer does tend to bring additional temptations but as with all triggers, once you've faced it (and overcome it) once it's never as hard again.

I think I'm going to have to try Champix. I like the sound of those dreams...:)


Well done Jinx - onwards and upwards :)


Hi jinks well done on your 9 weeks, I am actually quite looking forward to the summer not smoking, it's something different :) :) x


Yeah, what are all these dreams about ? I'm missing something here !:D


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