Dirty smokers!!

I have never been bothered by smokers till today!! I was stuck walking behind 3 in total for a few minutes each and all i can feel in me is fags iykwim?? i cant stop coughing, i feel like ive smoked and i feel disgusting!! My chest feels really weird, i cant believe it used to feel like this all the time and i never noticed!! Eurgh, i want to smell fresh air again!! Rant over xxx

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  • Hi if nothing else it just reinforces our quits. Just brings home to us that we are quitting, and as yet the smokers have not been so fortunate as us, we have seen the light!

    Doing great with your quit:)

    It's so obvious, but we use to smell like that:(:(:(:(.

  • Id love to tell them how much better life is without smoking but if anyone had said that to me id have been like "blah blah blah" and had another fag xxx I just dont want to be near it anymore, im terrified i could go back it, i know how easy it is to start again xxx

  • I would recommend sitting in my MIL's house for an hour for anyone needing a a boost of resolve. She smokes at least 60 a day - well she rolls sixty and for a change will have a tailored one now and again - she isn't too particular about cleaning so her whole house interior has a sticky brown/yellow film coating everything, she has brown cobwebs draping from the ceiling and shelves, her nose and cheeks are blue from lack of oxygen, it takes her an hour to wash and dress in the morning as she has to keep stopping to get her breath back. She will not go to the doctors but complains bitterly about her breathing. I was there for an hour last week and watched her literally smoke one fag after another, by the time I left I honestly felt like I'd had a pack of 20, not only that but the stench coming off my clothes made me my eyes water and left me feeling physically sick.:(

  • Oh my days, how awful :( To be trapped so deeply by nicotine is so sad :( I will never choose that "life" over this xxx

  • Jenninegs, that sounds truly terrible and as Win comments, so sad. :(

    Bet you try not to visit too often don't you?

  • Jenninegs, that sounds truly terrible and as Win comments, so sad. :(

    Bet you try not to visit too often don't you?

    You're not kidding, the OH tends to go on a Tuesday and do all her shopping, gardening and whatever cleaning she will let him do! And as funny and lovely as she is I just can't bear being in the house :p

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