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Race for Life

I never thought that I would ever feel I had the confidence or lung capacity to take part in the Race for Life for cancer research, but in the last 6 weeks, I have come to realise that me quitting when I did, could very well be the difference of me getting cancer, and me not, so for that reason, I'm taking part in the Race for Life Ilkley 2014 on 13/07/2014 to raise money for Cancer Research UK and I'm terrified! I do feel that I am in the right place to be able to do it, both mentally and physically

I wont put the link to my Just Giving site on here, just in case it sounds like begging (which I am not) however, if you would like to sponsor me, which would be greatly appreciated, please message me.

Thank you,


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Well done! I am doing Race for Life in Manchester too after all the recent stuff with my Grandma, feels like you're actually doing something in a situation where you feel so helpless. We can cheer each other on!



okay, this is the link

Donating to my JustGiving page is easy - just follow this link and click Donate:

Thank you to those who donate :)


Well done Jenny! :)

Ilkey? Lovely place (as is the moor). OH's family are based in Skipton. :)


I'll be taking part in the Blackpool race for life on 9th July. It's always good fun and you even get a medal when you finish!! :D x


Thanks for the support guys and I hope your races go great - do you have just giving sites too? I would like to support you if I can.


yep, and Thank you Max for your support, I have your donation :D thank you


On Ilkley moor Bar t'at?? :D:D

Where the grass is greener still...:)


Hey Jenny, edit your "signature" and put your link in it, I think it's in the "user CP" link above left; the people on this forum are more generous than you might imagine, as you're finding out, they're so supportive...good luck with your run, you'll love it, my wife did it in 2008, the crowds were amazing! :)


Thanks Bear


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