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I went to visit my Grandma in hospital. She's on the cancer ward and whilst I was there, the lady in the bed next to her actually got out of bed (she looked so poorly) and went away for ten minutes and came back stinking of fags. I couldn't actually believe it, she had cancer and still smoked. I guess that is the length of some people's addiction.

If that wasn't motivation for me I don't know what would be?

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, I know the forum was down so that must have been a struggle for some. x

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Hmm interesting.

I suppose it depends on how far the cancer has advanced and whether it's treatable or not.

If I had been diagnosed with terminal cancer before I quit - would I have stopped?

Personally, I don't think so.


My point is that I don't want to get to that point of being addicted that I still have to get up and go outside for a cigarette even when I am on death's door, not that I am shocked that she hadn't quit because I agree with you. I mean I had a really bad cold two weeks ago and I couldn't even have imagined going for a cigarette with that!


Absolutely :)


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