No Smoking Day
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Harder than normal day :(

Today has been one of the worst, was around smokers the whole day at the Easter family picnic.

My brother quit the same day as me BUT like my OH, his OH is also still smoking :(

What was nice is that every time I felt like smoking I either went for a walk or a bike ride with the kids.

I think the worst is every time I walk into the main lounge and my wife is lighting up I keep getting the impulse to say "light one for me".

It's not physical craves or withdrawals, its is more like impulses I don't get "ratty" or upset about quitting like in the 1st couple of days, it seems my worst periods are definitely weekends or holidays.

On a positive note had an wonderful day with the Family 1st on many a year that was Alcohol and Cigarette free not that i have ever been a BIG drinker but after a beer or two the last thing on your mind is playing with kids and having good clean fun, it then becomes about you and the boys having a few pints and then becomes a rather selfish afternoon with the kids getting on your **** LOL

today was ALL about the kids and good clean fun, also helps that my energy level are up and my irritation down.

God Bless everyone and have a wonderful Easter



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Awesome - you are doing fantastically well, I so admire the way you can take such a positive slant on things, and your coping tactics are quality :)

Happy Easter to you and yours



Your winning the war, hopefully great times a head.

Well done doing great:)


That was a really lovely post Dude. :)

Yes, it's not just about quitting. It's about reinventing your entire life to a certain extent. I more or less went on the wagon when I quit (knew it would be too much of a trigger for me if I didn't) and now I really don't want to drink as much as I did before. I feel so much better in all sorts of ways.

So glad you had a good day with the family and fair play to both you and your bro for quitting despite your respective OH's continuing to smoke. You're quite right in telling yourself that it will get easier and easier because it really does.

Well done mate. :)


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