No Smoking Day
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Day 1 - 16.04.2014


I have just finished my last cigarette and I don't want to have a another one !!

I have quit so many times and started again, longest was 2 years :mad:

I will put a patch on in the morning and hopefully that will ease my cravings!

I'm 38 and have smoked 10-20 a day since I was about 16 !

I'm really active and thought I was quite fit until I had an operation, I couldn't excercise for 8 weeks, went for a jog last night and I couldn't breath, my breathing was so bad for ages after..Massive wake up call !!

Hope I can do this for good this time :rolleyes:

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Hi and great to have you on board.:)

The best decision you will possibly ever make. This forum is ever growing, so the knowledge , advice is invaluable .

Your at the right place to get started with your quit.

So good luck, keep posting and reading as often as you need:):)


Welcome to the forum from me too, Shelly :)

Well done on your decision. I hope that this proves to be your forever quit. Read, post, we'll all be here to help and encourage you.

Go for it girl- you can do it! :)


Thanks for the welcome, Day 1 hasn't been to bad.

It's the constant thinking of them that drives me mad!!!!



Hi Shelly.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first day. :)


Thanks Susan/TractorGirl

I could quite easily go out and buy some but day 1 is done now :):)


Welcome Shelly. Best decision to quit and join this forum. You will get fantastic advice and support all the way!


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