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New Room now leaving

Good morning everyone,

When I signed on here this morning I was so happy to have made it to day 8 and a new room yay!!!

Then I read a post that was extremely insulting and very anti-American so I am not feeling welcome here anymore. I have been on here for over a year and have met many people from many countries, and never thought it an issue. In fact I welcomed the exchange of cultures, speech and idea's.

This forum really has changed and if all are not welcome then what is the purpose really? Negative views of other people, cultures or countries really should not be joked about IMO.


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Aw Sherri, please don't take it personally. I am sure, knowing what I do of the member concerned, that no offence was meant. I think she wrote it tongue in cheek but it came out wrong in translation and I am certain she will be mortified and unhappy when she realises she has upset you.

Don't go away. It's lovely to have people on the forum from all over the world- we're a real global community- and you are needed and valued.

And a huge well done on reaching Day 8 by the way. :)


:( Ok so here is the thing.... I am going to take my own advice, put my big girl panties on and let this go. No sense punishing myself for something so petty. I enjoy being here and I count on all your support soooo....

Doodle - I am staying put, besides I want to be around when the new doodlette arrives in Oct. - I have watched you work so hard for this quit over the last year and I am so proud of you!! :)

Karri - There is a spirit we discussed that is missing and we need to work to bring that back. New friends lots of shoulders, this is the way we'll win right? Don't poke your eyes out :p and get ready to win !!

Hayley - I am done being upset about this stupidity and I am here for you. I wanted to go out and smoke so bad but I didn't because we can't let each other down now can we? I will keep myself accountable to you and for you so reach out anytime. You can email me as well ;)

Max - Don't give this any thought, just enjoy your holiday. I will grill you on your experiences when you come back. Too bad you don't have time for a Florida detour. The OH and I would have treated you to a weekend of sun, sand and waves. Some day we may just have to do that.

I will be here and smoke free when you get back no worries. We have seen our share of misunderstandings here between members over the past year and we are both still here haha!!! Your advice and support is appreciated more than you know friend. :D

Skiddaw - You have the most wonderful ability to always know the exact right thing to say and I count all of us lucky to have you here. I hope you stay around long enough for me to reach at least the six month mark. (By the way 64 was a very good year!!(wink)) I miss alot of the people who used to be here and you remind me of those times, the amazing support and the overall good spirit of the place, thank you!!!

Thank you to all of you!! I will not smoke today :cool:



Hey Doodle, actually I am really good :)

Feeling very confident and when I am not, I am faking it hahaha!!! Seriously, this is my time and I am very happy to be a non smoker. Now I just have to convince my brain that smoking is long gone. So far so good.

Each day is getting easier and when I feel a bit lost I read all the old posts on here. Everyone in that penthouse started right here same as us we are just taking the scenic route getting there. :D Maybe we will have more stories to tell when we arrive lol


Una & Max,

Sorry I didn't see your posts when I replied. Given that you both feel that no offense was intended, I trust your judgement and that's an end to the matter. I am so glad to have both of you here and I count on your support and advise to me and everyone else.

Yes Max it may be time for that train to come round those tracks one more time. Some of us will still be boarding.

When I put the dough together lol then you're on. A trip to the UK is definitely in my future. Likewise, Florida will always be waiting for you and yours ;)


Congratulations on day 8, you're doing fab, and I'm pleased you decided to stay. :)


So glad you're staying Sherri :)

The forum would be a lesser place without you.

We're all in this together and together we'll triumph. In fact, I can feel an anthem coming on. 'Id like to teach the world to quit, in perfect harmony' or words to that effect...:D


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