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Day 2

Hi all,

I've been reading through a lot of these threads in my quest to conquer the beast, and thought I'd finally register and begin to spread to joy as my journey goes on! :p

Before I ramble on, I'd just like to say thank you to all of you who post. In the moments of desperation when I can feel my brain taking off to nicotine city, reading through your stories and words of encouragement really takes the edge off.

So, a bit about me I guess, I'm 20 years old, been smoking for 6 years and have had many "trial runs" over the last year - the best of which I is a few weeks. But this is it. I'm done with stinking of smoke, of feeling guilty, spending money, and looking through a window (literally and metaphorically speaking) at all the happy non-smokers.

So yeah, I'll be trawling through this forum more regularly than my employer would like, but hey!

Thanks :)

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It's nice to have someone of a similar age and similar period of time spent smoking on here! I am sure our quits will be different to those here that have smoked for 20+ years. Although everyone here is lovely and very encouraging.

I hope your quit goes/is going well (: x



Good decision to come here I found it really helped. I've quit many times but never found my forever quit until being here.

I think it's a combination of things. In the past I found as the distance increased between my last cigarette and me, the reasons for quitting diminished. This always resulted in me deciding

a) I'm no longer an addict so I can have one.

b) I can smoke socially as I'm no longer an addict.

c) I want a cigarette and smoking isn't so bad.

All three totally ludicrous obviously and I have now accepted that I am an addict and that smoking will seriously harm my health and wealth.

By being on this site your reasons stay right at the front of your brain they don't get lost in the mists of time.

Hope today goes well for you.


Thank you all! I find just being able to relate to people to be a big help.

I totally agree with the distance between cigarettes thing, that has usually been my down fall - and boredom!!!!!

So, I'd be interested to know how you all deal/dealt with those big cravings, I know they die down after a while, but it's the first few days that are the real kickers.. :eek:

In my own experience, they seem to come in headache form, as if my brain has switched off to all thoughts bar the deadly ones, and I work in an office, so I'd probably look a bit silly doing star jumps or something to kick start the B.

Suggestions welcome! :)


Deep breathing and promising myself that this is the last time I will ever do the first week.

Accept the fact that it's going to be on your brain and just ride it out.

' You are not in pain, if you can't cope with this bit of irritation you certainly can't cope with lung cancer. '

That's what I used to tell myself. Harsh but worked for me.

Candy crush, any addictive computer game.

I'm lucky, work is very busy with designated breaks, so I could only smoke at certain times. I found home time more difficult as I smoked to catch up if you know what I mean.


Plenty of water that helps with the headache feeling. Chewing gum and sucking sweets helps with craves. Keep busy read old posts here and the general section that will make you laugh. Get a ball squeeze in your hand you can do that at your desk. Make chains out of paper clips. Spin round in your chair till you fall off lol, now Im being silly. xxx

All great ideas! I like the sound of the spinning chair though.. maybe I'll just do that at home! x :)

' You are not in pain, if you can't cope with this bit of irritation you certainly can't cope with lung cancer. '

That's what I used to tell myself. Harsh but worked for me.

That is a very good point, harsh reality. It's what has made me decide to quit in the first place! However, I'm trying to avoid Candy Crush, I had a habit of not getting my work done because of Jelly Splash!! :p

Some great advice coming in here, thank you so much! Strangely, I've just drank a pint of cold milk, and the cravings have edged out. Coincidence, maybe. OR, the answer is in the udders...


Great to have you on board, and look forward to your progress, you CAN DO THIS.:)

Read and post often, best forum ever!


You could have something there, I've always drank a lot of milk but definitely more since quitting.

Now how do we get milk into patches that's the question?


Hi DC, Good to meet you, you have undoubtedly made the best decision in quitting and joining this Deb said you are young enough to really and truly benefit from quitting, plenty of support and friends to be made on here, good luck with it :)


Hi DC and a big welcome from me too. Well done on your decision to quit! :)

Icey cold drinks do seem to dampen down the cravings a bit so I can understand why milk is helping.

Hope today proves to be a less cravey day for you. Just hold on in there and things will soon get easier. :)


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