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No Smoking Day
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Welcome Month 4 :)

New room for me, Yayyy :).

91 days or 13 weeks or 3 calendar months of freedom and counting. How proud I am to be here :D

Hope you are all well :)

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Congrats!! That is brill!! Well on your way now:D


Congratulation Linda...three months is huge! You are an inspiration to us quitters behind you. Big smile :)


Well done you, very pleased to see you here.:D


Lindyloo, that is one massive achievement especially in view of everything you have had to contend with.

A huge well done from me. :) Quarter of a year!!! :D


Hey Linda

I am so pleased and happy to see this thread :)

Life has been a bumpy ride for you these past weeks, and yet here you are 3 months down the line and going strong.

Your quit is particularly close to my heart since, as you know, we started on the same day back in January(since become a declaration of intent date for me :D:D) so I love watching your progress, makes me believe I can do it too.

You have just got on with it cheerfully, pragmatically, successfully - fabulous

example, HUGE congratulations to my quit buddy:p




Wow love that number:)

Song great! Following your shadow:)


Fantastic LindyLoo - 3 months and still going strong!

It's all downhill hill now, all the way to the Penthouse :)


Lindy this is absolutely fantastic to see, congratulations you are a marvel and I'm proud to call you my friend :):) xxxxx


Fantastic Lindy...:D you must be so proud:D


Thank you everyone :). Not smoking is fast becoming a way of life which is just great :D


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