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Day 4 begins

Day 4:- Really happy to have found this site yesterday, enjoying the support out there :). I so want to share with my family, friends and kids that I have stopped smoking but I know their response will be 'we've heard this one before' or they will start guessing how long for this time (including putting money on it) - nice. Gotta love them though. I think I will wait another week maybe.

I wonder how long it's going to take before I stop thinking about cigarettes. So many mixed emotions as you can guess from this message, I feel all over the place :eek: going for a run, will pretend I am running the London marathon :o

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Do whatever feels most comfortable. On the one hand, telling your family/friends might make you even more determined to stick to your guns, on the other hand, there's a lot to be said for keeping it to yourself until your quit is really established.

Going for a run will help with the craves. I found the more active I was the better- the more exercise I had the better I felt (presumably because of the endorphins we produce when we exercise).

As time passes the craves become less and less frequent and fade into fleeting memories of smoking that are much easier to deal with.

Day 4 is great! Well done- you're making fantastic progress. :)


Hey getting near to the week mark, that's fab.;)

I remember years ago, 3 kids no money, so started driving lessons, did not even tell hubby, any way I passed first time, told one and all, not even a well done. It was then that I realised I had done this for me, so why should any one be excited.

My point is this quit is yours, and your doing fab my lovely, what ever you decide to say or not!

Doing great, just keep going:)


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