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Who would have thought!

Had someone asked me a year ago "If I thought i could go more than 3 day's without smoking ?" I would have replied never in a MILLION years!

But here i find myself posting in day 4 , when I first stumbled across the site I was in Day 2 and i thought to myself "I will never make a week" yet here I am more that halfway there, monday 5am will be a full week.

I can't believe I have gotten so far! that said, this morning was harder than normal cause yesterday and today are the first days in 20 years that i have had breakfast at 6:00 am, before that it was Coffee and Cigarettes , good ole' nicotine and caffeine !!

but like i said this morning was hard cause after the breakfast I had a monster craving, but after a minute or two it was gone :)

Driving still invokes craves from HELL as i am "conditioned" to chain smoke in the car in order to build up the nicotine levels before getting to clients or the office.

I guess that ends my "little" rant I hope everyone has an awesome SMOKE free day.

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Flipping Well Done Dude! :D

You could be me saying that. Four months ago I was in exactly the same boat. The best I had ever done was 48 hours and then only because I was too ill to face smoking. :o

There's a huge psycholgical boost to having made it through the dreaded day 3 and as you say, you're steaming towards the end of your first week now. Time really does start to speed up again soon and although there's no point in saying it will be easy from here onwards it certainly gets better and better.

You're dealing with the triggers wonderfully well and all you have to do now is build on what you have achieved so far.

Hurrah for you! :)


Hey Dude

I can so relate to the driving trigger. The very worst one though was getting into the car after work, I'd be in the car gripping the steering wheel for grim death. Huge crave. I remember nearly crying with frustration somewhere in the second week that it was still so bad.

The good news is they fade. I get in and out of the car without a second thought now. Funnily enough I got that memory yesterday leaving work, probably because I've got 2 weeks off, it wasn't a crave just a little dig in my ribs from the demon. He said:

'Oh great that's over with for 2 weeks let's get a smoke to celebrate, where's the reward, this is where we do the huge sigh of relief and light up'

I did the huge sigh of relief and called in at tesco to look at what new clothes they have in. You see I've got £150 in my purse that would have gone up in smoke.:D

Stick with it. You are over the worst. It does get easier from now but have patience.


Yea what is it with the driving craves ? it's like my mind says "Hey dude stock up on the nicotine before your get to the next NO SMOKING destination"

And what is even worse for me is i keep wanting to reward myself with a smoke:

When i smoked i would,

finished washing the car = reward have a smoke

finished mowing the lawn = reward have a smoke

finish a LONG proposal = reward have a smoke

end of a long telephone call = reward have a smoke

It was like i looked for reason to smoke and now that i am quitting, i find i keep wanting my "Proverbial" REWARD !

Strange how your mind and body relate to things?

On a positive note i have noticed that fresh cigarette smoke smells AMAZING!! but and i mean a BIG but when the person who was smoking walks past me or leans over me it STINKs to high hell!!

Does that make sense that I like freak smoke as its lit but find stale (5 minutes later) smoke DISGUSTING and I am only on day 4 heaven forbid when i am a year quit i will probably hate smokers!

And to think i never thought i would be one of "those" reformed smokers


It makes perfect sense. I'm just the same (sometimes I get a whiff of fresh smoke and think :):) but stale smoke is just grim).


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