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Hi in new to this site heres my problem hoping someone can help

just quite smoking after smoking for 10 years?

My question is is it normal to get chest pains after quitting smoking i smoked 10-15 fags a day over a 10 year period i quite 14 days ago ive had no withdrawl symptoms the only thing concerning me is the chest pains i get and coughting phlum up is it normal

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Hi and welcome to the forum Shaz

Well done on your quit! You're doing brilliantly. :)

Coughing up phlegm is a normal withdrawal symptom of quitting (look up 'quitters flu' and read up on some of the old posts on the forum re quitting symptoms for more information) and I expect the chest pain is probably strained muscles from the coughing but if it doesn't ease off soon it would be a good idea to speak to your GP just to make certain there is nothing else going on and to put your mind at rest.


Hay and a very warm welcome:)

I'm early in my quit, so don't know to much re withdrawal .

Just wanted to say hi, and welcome

Look forward to your posts:):

Your doing great:):)



Thank u everyone for the warm welcome


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